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Former Marine Zachary Reid is released from service. Other Than Honorable. The worst kind of discharge. He suffers from a severe case of PTSD. Recurring nightmares that precariously ignites violence and paranoia in him. His condition is a danger to the people around him, namely his family. He abuses his wife physical, mentally and emotionally but refuses to pursue the help he desperately needs. In the long run his wife abandons him, taking along their two beautiful children. Her clever actions permits him to pay close attention to himself and his behavior. Lastly, he sought for help. It was a challenging journey but like all positive life changing lessons, the real value from them only occurs when we take a chance rather than wither in self-pity.

In his quest for peace, he encounters many but one important relationship that cultivated was the friendship he formed with Courtney Peterson. Both with similar life damaging pasts and experiences they find solace in each other. But with all their lives obligations and conflicts, will their unique bond be strong enough to hold them together?

Sea of Scars is a narrative that teaches about the true definition of life, love and survival.

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Life indeed had been unkind to Courtney Peterson in many forms. Mourning the loss of her parents after a fatal car accident, growing up in an unjust system, and being hated for simply existing. But when all appeared to be lost, favor finds her and gives her the break she sought after but not without some strings attached. Her dreams of starting her own family to make up for the one she lost and hungrily desires is almost impossible to achieve. Then she meets a stranger, a troubled fellow with scars that reflect her own and a bond is molded between two lost souls. They nourished each other’s passion with the bond they shared. Until one day everything changes!

When I created Courtney’s character I had a single vision. A woman of Grace and Substance! But to be labeled with such an honor comes great responsibility. It means to be a woman of great accomplishments, hold positive influence, merits people admire such as morality, generosity, and courage. One is not born with such strong qualities. It is through the experiences of life that such intelligence is earned. Through a past that molds character, determines one’s future and perception of the world.

As Courtney’s character developed, she became more and more real, relatable to every woman I have met through my own life’s journey. The pain and the loss she suffered, the blockages in life that could easily have crippled her but with a little hope and endurance, she persevered.

Her insecurities did play a vital role in her life’s voyage. We live in a world that is so fast-paced and most of the time we are so caught up in this strong desire to have what we want and when we want it. We often times feel entitled that the world owes us an apology, some sort of reparation for our ill-fated fortunes. Instead, why don’t we learn to accept our destinies, build and play the hand we are dealt. This is the persona Courtney embodied.

Sea of Scars is a narrative that teaches about the true definition of life, love and survival.

Now available at Amazon!